Full-Pronged Fury!

Life is meant to be a beautiful dream


So…looking through some of my stuff the other night, I found some lyrics I wrote at a rougher point of my life. Much like the last set of lyrics, these are more an anger-filled rant than a true song. I pondered just trashing them, but I made a promise to myself to put up any and all songs that I write, no matter how embarrassing they are. Now then, for the background:

There are many ways in life to get trapped into something you absolutely despise, especially if you feel that someone is fighting to keep you there. And it’s near impossible to fight back against someone that refuses to listen to you. At the time I wrote this, I felt trapped and less than human…almost like a slave watching my world collapse around me. Kinda like I imagine Igor must feel some days, trapped in his dead end butler job to the monsters of the world seemingly without a prayer of ever chasing his own dreams.

Thursday Three Things – Awakenings

So…you know what’s an awesome thing to do? Ask for feedback on a blog idea that you’re starting, get 100% positive feedback, then forget to follow up on that idea for a month and a half.

*headdesk* (more…)

Thursday Three Things – Funkandragur Edition

Well…as today is a day that ends in a “Y” and begins with a “Thursda”, this seems like a good time to have a Three Things post! Curious, are you guys enjoying these, or is it mostly a lot of self-indulgent tripe?

1. Although I’m not really religious, I do tend to meditate a good amount and sometimes fairly deep. One time, I came out of a meditative trance and spent the entire next week believing that I was nothing more than a guest on Earth.
2. There are several words that I will use without fully knowing their meaning as they sound like they mean what I am trying to say. Many of these same words don’t actually exist in the English language, but they should.
3. Even though I’ve yet to finish my NaNoWriMo 2009 book, I already have the plot for my 2010 book planned out.

Thursday Three Things

In the interest of stealing a great idea from Del (and Lyssi as well though I first saw it through Del), here’s my first attempt at a Thursday Three Things post. Hopefully, this will be come a weekly tradition that keeps me posting more than once every two months or so.

1. My favorite color is still and will likely always be Tie-Dye. What? Tie-Dye isn’t a color?!? Blasphemy!!
2. Due to a blog post from one of my Master’s Degree teachers, I always spell the word videogame(s) without a space between video and game.
3. I have been more hermitized and angry over the last 6-9 months than I’ve yet been in my life. I also haven’t been behind a drumset in the same amount of time. These events are probably related, no?

Hello June!

“So! How’s that new plan to update your blog once-a-week and show off your tarot cards once a month going?!?”

Shut it, random blog sentence.