Full-Pronged Fury!

Life is meant to be a beautiful dream


So…looking through some of my stuff the other night, I found some lyrics I wrote at a rougher point of my life. Much like the last set of lyrics, these are more an anger-filled rant than a true song. I pondered just trashing them, but I made a promise to myself to put up any and all songs that I write, no matter how embarrassing they are. Now then, for the background:

There are many ways in life to get trapped into something you absolutely despise, especially if you feel that someone is fighting to keep you there. And it’s near impossible to fight back against someone that refuses to listen to you. At the time I wrote this, I felt trapped and less than human…almost like a slave watching my world collapse around me. Kinda like I imagine Igor must feel some days, trapped in his dead end butler job to the monsters of the world seemingly without a prayer of ever chasing his own dreams.