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Thursday Three Things – Awakenings

So…you know what’s an awesome thing to do? Ask for feedback on a blog idea that you’re starting, get 100% positive feedback, then forget to follow up on that idea for a month and a half.


Anywho, happy Thursday to all! And it’s quite a happy Thursday here, as I feel like I’m coming out of a fog I’ve been in for a while. Who knows where the unraveling path leads, but I and I think it’s time to walk down it and see where it goes. Now, with that thought:

1. I take far-longer-than-average showers. Like 45 minutes to an hour if I can.
2. My favorite form of aerobic exercise is moshing. If you don’t think that’s exercise, you need to get in a good pit and try it!
3. If I ever get a lot of money, I am planning to go on a World Burger Tour. The plan for this is simple: look up where some of my favorite movie stars/musicians/etc. are, travel out to their town, meet up with them somewhere, and buy them a Burger as a way of saying thanks for the years of entertainment and inspiration. Sure I can buy their CDs/Movies/etc, but some people just give you more than the $10 you spent to hear what they do. Plus, it’s a good chance to meet some awesome people, no?

4 Responses to “Thursday Three Things – Awakenings”

  1. Sarah

    I like number 3! That would be a fun thing to do =)

    Happy Thursday! =)

  2. I love the idea of your World Burger Tour… think Lady Gaga would be up for a burger date? ;D

  3. Glad to hear the fog is lifting, my friend. :)

  4. Robert

    I couldn’t imagine taking a 45 minute shower, I think I would get all wrinkled.

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