Full-Pronged Fury!

Life is meant to be a beautiful dream

Get On The Bus!

Get On The Bus

Warning: Explicit Lyrics be found in this song

So…I may actually wind up taking this song down soon. It’s very much a first draft and came out more as an emotional crying rant than as the musical metaphor I was trying to make with the bus reference. Honestly though, this song was written with little more than pure emotion, so take it for what you will.

About the song itself…well, there are sometimes when people accidentally do things to hurt you for a little while, especially when their mind is on helping someone else. Sometimes though, those things last for longer…possibly scarring one for life.


Hello June!

“So! How’s that new plan to update your blog once-a-week and show off your tarot cards once a month going?!?”

Shut it, random blog sentence.


The Year to Come

As most of those reading this know, my birthday will be here soon. To me, birthdays have always been in essence the true New Year’s day…as it really is the beginning of the next year of one’s life. To that end, I recently did my tarot reading for the year ahead using a year-to-come spread. I had one last year, but stupidly forgot to share it. Maybe I will sometime…it turned out creepily accurate.

A couple of notes for this before I begin…first of all, you may notice that I will mention some cards as Coins even though the site I’m linking to refers to them as Pentacles. Other places will refer to this suit as Disks. As my deck refers to them as Coins, that is what I plan to stick with. This also applies to the Hanging Man, which is known as the Hanging Dragon in my deck. Also, each link will open in a new window…just so you know. Additionally, the reading is supposed to start from the month when the reading is done, so March’s applies to both days left in this month.

Finally, I don’t really plan to analyze this reading at this point. Moreso, I’m thinking it might be better to analyze these at the end of each month, and see how accurate they are then. I do find it somewhat interesting that there are so many Swords (4) and Coins (3), and so many fewer cards from the Major Arcana than there was last year.

Anyway…on with the show! (more…)

Hollywood! Here I…will politely sit down and enjoy some popcorn.

So…four years ago at this time, I had a dream of becoming a multimedia superstar. Well, maybe not superstar. But I did have a strong plan to move to California and I told my family that in 2010, I would at the very least somehow be in the Kodak Theatre watching the event live.

Given that I don’t live in Cali and am not a multimedia superstar, it’s looking less and less like I will be at the Kodak and more like I will be at a Kinko’s, making copies or something along those lines.

And you know, that’s not really such a bad thing.


New Year’s Resolutions

I have never really been a strong proponent of making New Year’s Resolutions, at least not on January 1st. It never made any sense to me to put off a fix for any length of time that you might want to make in your life. Additionally, is it not on your birthday that one’s new year truly starts, as opposed to on January 1st? That having been said, I made a couple of them anyhow…most notably to communicate with friends & family better.