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Hello June!

“So! How’s that new plan to update your blog once-a-week and show off your tarot cards once a month going?!?”

Shut it, random blog sentence.


The Year to Come

As most of those reading this know, my birthday will be here soon. To me, birthdays have always been in essence the true New Year’s day…as it really is the beginning of the next year of one’s life. To that end, I recently did my tarot reading for the year ahead using a year-to-come spread. I had one last year, but stupidly forgot to share it. Maybe I will sometime…it turned out creepily accurate.

A couple of notes for this before I begin…first of all, you may notice that I will mention some cards as Coins even though the site I’m linking to refers to them as Pentacles. Other places will refer to this suit as Disks. As my deck refers to them as Coins, that is what I plan to stick with. This also applies to the Hanging Man, which is known as the Hanging Dragon in my deck. Also, each link will open in a new window…just so you know. Additionally, the reading is supposed to start from the month when the reading is done, so March’s applies to both days left in this month.

Finally, I don’t really plan to analyze this reading at this point. Moreso, I’m thinking it might be better to analyze these at the end of each month, and see how accurate they are then. I do find it somewhat interesting that there are so many Swords (4) and Coins (3), and so many fewer cards from the Major Arcana than there was last year.

Anyway…on with the show! (more…)