Full-Pronged Fury!

Life is meant to be a beautiful dream

Ya know!

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Other times, it gives you a seemingly impossible life situation without any real form of escape. In these times, escapism is nice. This particular song was written during a time when I shut myself off from everything and instead escaped very heavily into videogames to avoid some bad real life situations.

Thursday Three Things

In the interest of stealing a great idea from Del (and Lyssi as well though I first saw it through Del), here’s my first attempt at a Thursday Three Things post. Hopefully, this will be come a weekly tradition that keeps me posting more than once every two months or so.

1. My favorite color is still and will likely always be Tie-Dye. What? Tie-Dye isn’t a color?!? Blasphemy!!
2. Due to a blog post from one of my Master’s Degree teachers, I always spell the word videogame(s) without a space between video and game.
3. I have been more hermitized and angry over the last 6-9 months than I’ve yet been in my life. I also haven’t been behind a drumset in the same amount of time. These events are probably related, no?