Full-Pronged Fury!

Life is meant to be a beautiful dream

Hello June!

“So! How’s that new plan to update your blog once-a-week and show off your tarot cards once a month going?!?”

Shut it, random blog sentence.


Phone test

If you are seeing this, then I have successfully updated my blog from
my phone! Such excitement!

So…what all is going on here? Well, I’ve decided that I at long last want to have a blog…and a website again. I loved designing it before, but it seemed like I just had nothing important to say. I still may not, but living in silence never seems quite right to me.

Keep an eye out, for there is far mire to come…including new song lyrics and other fun stuff too! :)

Don’t mind the construction!

Much like a phoenix, we are burning everything down to prepare for a rebirth.  So…should you get lots of weird posts from my feed over the next couple of days, sorry about that.

Trust me, we will all be much happier with the site once all is said and done…  :)